Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Strata Meetings

Strata Records

Strata Records

Strata Record keeping The owners corporation must keep the following information for at least 7 years: details of motions passed, copies of all correspondence received

Apartment Owners Ask- Do we still need to hold meetings in person

Strata Meetings during coronavirus

Apartment Owners Ask: Do we still need to hold meetings in person? The owners and managers of apartment buildings across the nation are demanding to

Motions Out of Order

Motions out of order

Decisions must be clear, concise, swift and informed.

Strata Proxy Limit

Strata Proxy Limit – NSW

Strata Proxy Limit – How many proxies can I hold? Proxy farming is now a thing of the past in NSW. A new strata proxy limit

Drafting a strata motion, strata motion example

Drafting a strata motion

Want some advice on drafting a strata motion? This article has sample strata motions and tips on how to draft motions for strata meetings

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