Thursday, June 24, 2021

Strata Meetings

Role of the Strata Chairperson

The real role of the strata chairperson is not defined under the Act thus many functions of the chairperson are customary rather than formalised by

Calling a Strata General Meeting

Who can call a strata general meeting? | How to call a meeting? | Also known as a special general meeting or an extraordinary general meeting

Running an effective strata meeting

7 ways to captain the ship – Strata or body corporate meetings may not always be smooth sailing but hopefully this article helps in running an effective strata meeting

Voting outside a committee meeting

The committee can make decisions without holding a formal committee meeting. Voting outside a committee meeting is sometimes called a ‘flying minute’ or a ‘VOC’. To

Strata Proxy Voting in South Australia

Strata proxy voting in South Australia is governed by the Strata Titles ACT 1988. (Section 34) Unit owners may appoint in writing a ‘proxy’ or someone

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