Saturday, January 23, 2021


Motions Out of Order

Motions out of order

Decisions must be clear, concise, swift and informed.

Strata Proxy Limit

Strata Proxy Limit – NSW

Strata Proxy Limit – How many proxies can I hold? Proxy farming is now a thing of the past in NSW. A new strata proxy limit

Drafting a strata motion, strata motion example

Drafting a strata motion

Want some advice on drafting a strata motion? This article has sample strata motions and tips on how to draft motions for strata meetings

Noise transfer between apartments
By-laws, Rules & Regulations

Noise transfer between apartments. Please Help!

Noise transfer between apartments is a huge problem in strata complexes. The issue has become worse as more and more apartment owners have a preference for hard floor coverings.

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