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Inspection and Retention of Records

Inspection and Retention of records Inspection of records An owner or mortgagee (or their authorised person) can make a written request to the owners corporation

Strata Window Safety Requirements

New Strata Window Safety Requirements are to prevent children falling from windows. All strata buildings in NSW must be fitted with devices that enable the maximum window

Strata Legal Action

In many cases, owners need to pass a resolution at an owners corporation meeting before they can engage legal services or commence strata legal action.

What is a Strata Roll?

The owners corporation must prepare and keep a strata roll. The roll must be kept electronically or in writing. To serve notices for each lot,

Strata Financial Statements

Each reporting period, the owners corporation must prepare full accounting strata financial statements and a statement of key financial information. The statement of key financial information

Breaching the By-Laws

If a resident breaches a by-law, the strata committee can first contact the resident to advise of the breach, and ask that they stop the

What are By-Laws?

All strata schemes have a set of by-laws (rules) that owners, occupiers and, in some cases, visitors must follow. By-laws cover issues such as whether

General Meetings of the Owners Corporation

The owners corporation must meet at least once each year at its AGM. Additional general meetings can be held when necessary to decide on the

Pets and Assistance Animals in Strata

The model by-laws provide owners corporations with options to control whether pets are allowed, and on which terms. Owners can adopt a model by-law as

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