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Voting outside a committee meeting

The committee can make decisions without holding a formal committee meeting. Voting outside a committee meeting is sometimes called a ‘flying minute’ or a ‘VOC’.

To vote outside a committee meeting, notice of the motion must be given to all committee members. The committee members must vote on the motion in writing. The legislation does not say how much notice must be given for the motion or when the votes must be made, but advice of the motion must be given to lot owners at the same time that committee members are notified of the motion.

Passing the motion

To pass a motion a majority of all voting members who are voting and are eligible to vote (not just a majority of those who return a vote) must be in favour of the motion.

Committee members can contact one another before or during the vote.

When notice of the motion is given to the committee members, advice of the motion must also be given to lot owners.

A record of the motion voted on must be given to all committee members and all owners within 21 days after the motion is decided.

Emergency vote

In an emergency, notice of the motion only needs to be given to those committee members that it is reasonably practical to contact.

Votes can be made verbally or in some other form. Advice of the motion can be given to owners when it is reasonably practical to do so.

Any motion voted on outside a committee meeting must be confirmed at the next committee meeting.

Small Schemes Module

For schemes registered under the Small Schemes Module a committee is made up of a secretary and a treasurer. If both positions are held by 1 person, decisions are made by that person. If there are 2 people (in the secretary and treasurer positions) they must agree on any decisions.

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