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What is a Strata Roll?

The owners corporation must prepare and keep a strata roll. The roll must be kept electronically or in writing. To serve notices for each lot, the roll must include:

  • each owner’s name and address (or email address), or
  • the name of the agent managing the property for the owner, and the agent’s Australian address
  • each tenant name and address, or email address (where the landlord has provided a tenancy notice to the owners corporation, as required).

The following information must be recorded for the strata scheme:

  • the strata plan number and the address of the building
  • the name of the original owner and an Australian address for serving notices
  • the name of the strata managing agent (if there is one) and an Australian address for serving notices
  • the total unit entitlements for the scheme and each lot
  • insurance details
  • the by-laws for the strata scheme.
  • Details of any tenants (name and address/email) for service of notices

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